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The Virtual Reality Golf Trainer for Smartphones

Águila Golf is a virtual reality-based, mental game trainer created for smartphones and designed to walk a golfer through the toughest shots in the game.

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How It Works: Virtual Shots, Physical Improvements

Virtual Reality Immersive Learning

Bring the course experience to your living room through an ultra realistic virtual reality experience. Train your brain to play the greatest game.


Advanced Visualization

Practice not only basic visualization, but advanced tactics including draws and fades. Advanced visualization focusing technology reduces time to retention!


Mental Game Training

Improve your decision making and mental toughness through configurable training elements. Customize your training based on skill, handicap or weakness.


Additional In-App Features to Lock Down Your Game

Actively Track Your Stats

As you complete your virtual training, the application will track your stats over time to see how your game has improved. Compete with the community of users, compare strokes gained and become a legend!

Apply Rules of the Game

Don’t lose hard-earned strokes gained by misinterpreting regulations and breaking a rule. Learn not only the granular rules of the game, but also apply them to your performance and understand the impact they have on your next shot.

Learn Lessons of the Game

Learn from the best to play your best, attain key techniques, retain invaluable strategies, master the mental game and become your own champion of the game. New lessons from outstanding professionals are added monthly!

Embrace the Culture

1000s of fun golf factoids about players, tournaments, courses and more to enhance your enjoyment and knowledge of the game. This is your non-stop source of intriguing facts to test your buddies.

Immersive, VR Learning Environment to Dominate the Mental Game

As the brainchild of advanced augmented reality technology and an unwavering passion for the greatest game ever played, the app will help establish a world class pre-shot routine and improve mental toughness by training the brain to make the best on-course judgments while under pressure.

When using the Águila virtual reality trainer, the golfer is immersed in a 360° learning environment, facing on-course situations that give the opportunity to improve strokes through accurate shot assessment. ­ The golfer can actually visualize the shot before making it and experience the result without ever taking a swing.

All functions can be performed on your smartphone or can be used in the VR headset using “gaze controls” whereby you simply focus your eyes on the menu selection you wish to select. Águila’s “the MENTAL GAME” is an immersive system presenting the passionate golfer with strokes gained specific statistics, visualization training, lessons, as well as rules of the game, Did You Know factoids, and much more.

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What the pros are saying

The Morning Drive
“My favorite find at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show.”
– Matt Ginella

Golf Digest
Golf Digest Editor’s Choice “Best of the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show.”
“Virtual Reality has met golf instruction.”

“VR: The Future of off-the-course golf lessons?”

What the players are saying

“We all struggle to focus when we need to focus on the course. Águila Golf helps me train my brain to take the guess work out of each shot and know I am making the right decision.”
— Gary, Huntington Beach, CA

Águila Golf represents the next generation of technology in teaching the game of golf. This is where we all want to go as teachers.
— Tim Lambert, PGA Professional, Golf Prodigies

I’m trying to get to the next level and Águila Golf is a key to my success, as now I can practice visualization anytime, anywhere and take it to the course when I need it.
— Andrew, Mini Tour Player, Orlando, FL