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About Águila

The Virtual Reality Golf Trainer for Smartphones

Águila Golf was forged at the convergence of passion and innovation for the centuries old sport. As the brainchild of avid golfers, Águila Golf’s founders believed that with the emergence of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, golf could, once again, undergo a renaissance of technical mastery in the digital age. By supporting Águila Golf today, you are playing a small part in ushering in the next great wave of innovation in a sport played by more than 60 million people around the world.

Underground Innovation, Universal Impact: The Story of Golf Game Metamorphosis

Born in a basement by golfers hitting net, Águila Technologies is now fully realizing the power of routine, repetition and mental training.  Mason Eckley, a Computer Sciences student at the University of South Carolina, had become nearly obsessed with the potential applications of virtual reality, spending nearly every day and night testing new devices, software and integrated systems.


Mason’s “Ah Ha” moment would come at an unexpected moment. One late night, hitting golf balls into the net, Mason made an important connection. While he had hit 1000s of golf balls into the exact same net,  he had never truly become a better player in doing so. He quickly synthesized that he was only addressing one half of the improvement equation in not only golf, but all tasks requiring repetitive and consistent motion.


He quickly came to the realization that the only way to achieve a tangible improvement to his golf score was to connect the physical aspect of the game to the 1000s of decisions made to complete a round of golf – combining physical motion with mental strength. With his recent interest in virtual reality, the timing could not have been more perfect.


Sharpen the mental portion of your golf game & became a more complete player with the Aguila Golf Trainer.



Mason began pursuing the idea with an idea in one hand and the passion to explore the virtual reality landscape in the other. One thing was clear: Mason needed feedback – and he needed a lot of it. In the proceeding months, he would bring together dozens of golfers, technologists and professionals. It was clear he was on to something, and, thus, Aguila Golf was born. In the months to follow, Mason would form a team of subject matter experts and passionate technologists to consistently collaborate with. Leveraging many of Cincinnati, OH and Columbia, SC’s fine drinking establishments, Mason and his team began to develop the roadmap for what would later become the beta version of The Mental Game Trainer.


With the help of an angel investment, the Aguila Golf team began developing the first prototype for the Mental Game Trainer.

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A Much Anticipated Introduction


After many more months, with a beta product in hand and thousands of hours of development complete, Águila Technologies did a sneak peek event at the PGA Merchandise Show in the spring of 2017. Águila’s demo resonated with the show attendees—leading to significant web and TV coverage.


Águila used the event to guide future development, but came away confident they were on to something groundbreaking. In recent months, Águila has used 100s of golfers feedback and in-hand experiences to continue to improve the training solutions.

Dave Eckley
Cofounder / Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer of Aguila Golf, Dave is responsible for business strategy and the overall performance and growth of Aguila Golf worldwide.

Dave is a top tier executive with extensive experience in leading direct-to-consumer services and technology companies. He has a proven track record for driving growth by leveraging cutting-edge technology and solutions across all aspects of the commerce sector.

Mason Eckley
Cofounder / Chief Product Officer

Mason is responsible for building the company's user-centric product team, aligning the company's roadmap with overall business strategy.

Mason is the cofounder of Aguila Golf. Mason was the originator of the Aguila Golf Technology. As an avid golfer from a young age, Mason carried this passion with him to the University of South Carolina, where he majors in Computer Science and originally developed the Aguila Golf prototype.

Jason Sinks
Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer of Aguila Golf, Jason is responsible for technology development and system performance.

Jason leads an international team of programmers developing and implementing cutting edge technology in the virtual and augmented reality industry. With an exceptional resume at some of the leading e-commerce brands in the world, Jason has the inside track in driving scalable performance at Aguila Golf.

What the pros are saying

The Morning Drive
“My favorite find at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show.”
– Matt Ginella

Golf Digest
Golf Digest Editor’s Choice “Best of the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show.”
“Virtual Reality has met golf instruction.”

“VR: The Future of off-the-course golf lessons?”

What the players are saying

“We all struggle to focus when we need to focus on the course. Águila Golf helps me train my brain to take the guess work out of each shot and know I am making the right decision.”
— Gary, Huntington Beach, CA

Águila Golf represents the next generation of technology in teaching the game of golf. This is where we all want to go as teachers.
— Tim Lambert, PGA Professional, Golf Prodigies

I’m trying to get to the next level and Águila Golf is a key to my success, as now I can practice visualization anytime, anywhere and take it to the course when I need it.
— Andrew, Mini Tour Player, Orlando, FL


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