Virtual Reality Golf Trainer Aguila Golf Releases Android App

November 16, 2017

Bringing Immersive Golf Game Visualization to the Play StoreSmartphone Golf Trainer for Android

Aguila Golf’s virtual reality application has become a popular tool for inspiring golfers and experienced instructors alike. Through the use of a lightweight headset, the app brings unique, yet realistic, situations to the user in a completely immersive 360-degree experience. Each lesson is designed to improve in-game decision making, ease in-the-moment tensions and reduce overall strokes.

iPhone users have had the luxury of improving their game with our app since its introduction in 2016. But now, Android users can join in on the fun and take advantage of this cutting-edge VR technology.

The Aguila Golf app is now available on the Play Store. Android users can actively track their stats, learn the idiosyncratic rules of the game and become fully immersed in the culture with 1000s of insights, tournament news and facts. The Aguila team actively adds compelling content, gripping tips and compelling lessons to the application, keeping users engaged, entertained and constantly improving.

This smartphone golf trainer application can be used anywhere, at anytime, allowing users to prime their focus and hone in on the mental game. Through the use of “gaze control” technology, the golfer can visualize his or her choices and shots – without ever taking a swing.

Instructors can assign lessons and track their students’ progress, keeping all parties more engaged in the learning process. As PGA professional Tim Lambert stated, “Águila Golf represents the next generation of technology in teaching the game of golf. This is where we all want to go as teachers.”

You can acquire the application from the Play Store link below:
Aguila Golf – The Mental Game


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