Training System | Aguila Golf - Virtual Reality Golf Trainer
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immersive learning environment

Decision Making. Visualization. Results.

Águila’s proprietary system merges bleeding edge technology, with mathematical modeling and strokes gained statistics to accurately predict and train the best possible decision / shot for 1000’s of golf toughest situations.

An average golfer can reduce their score by Four + shots simply by saving .05 strokes on every other hole — the difference of only a few feet in many situations. This game is 80% mental (and 40% Physical)


The Mental Side

Águila’s unique mental game training system delivers the everyday challenges of the course in realistic situations allowing you to train anywhere, anytime.

The Physical Side

By combining your range work and short game practice with mental game training using Águila’s proprietary technology, you will enhance your muscle memory and visualization.

Combine mental and physical training to dramatically improve your overall game with practical exercises, challenges and visualization.

The App

Use the Águila Golf app with any compatible smart phone

The VR Headset

Visualize your shot before making it in an immersive 360 degree virtual learning environment

See Improvement

Master the mental game, making decision second nature and gaining confidence before you take the swing

Training Experience

Águila Golf offers a complete solution for improving your golf game. Águila is a first-of-its-kind technology for merging the mental and physical aspects of golf to drive performance. With Águila Golf, you will be able to:

  • Visualize your shot before hitting it
  • Receive instant and actionable feedback on shot selection
  • Experience the result without ever taking a swing
  • Refine shot approach and decision making
  • Gain strokes and save time on the course
  • Learn from your own game and leverage 1000s of data
           points and insights